Chicuque Rural Hospital
Advancing Hope Through Promotion of Health in Mozambique

original name of the place later called Chicuque. Ellen Bjorklund had been a missionary teacher in China
from 1893 to 1906, and then returned to Sweden on sick leave for a couple of years, Ellen worked in Chicuque
until 1913, when, bacause of health problems, she was transferred to Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe),
where she worked until her death on November 19, 1930. She is buried on the grounds of Old Umtali Mission
Station. Henny Anderssson, later Mrs. Josef Persson, and Ellen Bjorklund started the medical work at
Chicuque 1909.

  • 1912: Drought and famine hit Mozambique. Many people die.

  • 1913: Dr. Charles John Stauffacher and his wife Grace, who was a nurse, arrive from the United
    States. The first hospital at Chicuque, a small clinic, is built. Dr. Stauffacher workded in Mozambique
    until his death in 1957.
  • The Teles Leprosy Center is developed

  • 1920: A larger, two-story hospital is built. Public health education begins with the help of American
    nurses Victoria Lang and Clara Bartling, along with Swedish nurse, Mrs. Alice Longworth, who later
    married Dr. Stauffacher after Grace's death. Dr. Stauffacher opens a home for leprosy patients at a
    village called Teles.

  • 1928: Victoria Lang starts a school of nursing at Chicuque. The three-year course accepts students
    not only from the Methodist Church, but also from the Free Methodist Church, the Nazarene Church,
    and the Presbyterian Church.

  • 1959: Dr. Robert L. Simpson and his wife Nadine, who was a journalist, arrive from the United States.
    Swedish missionaries, the Rev. Rune and Anne Maria Korswing a registered nurse, join the team at
    Chicuque Mission Station.

  • 1960 Elsie Johansson, a Swedish nurse, and American nurse Reva Mae Phelps arrive.

  • 1964: Gunborg ("Gunnel") Knutsson from Sweden, widow of the director of the Ecumenical School of
    Theology in the capital of Mozambique, works at the Chicuque Hospital office. (Gunnel passed away in
    November 2008)

  • 1965: A new hospital is inaugurated. Dr. Robert Simpson directs the medical work, while Rune
    Korswing, directs Chicuque Mission Station and supervises the building of the new hospital. Dr. Horst
    R. and Helma Flachsmeier arrive from Germany in 1965 and Dr. Flachsmeier works at Chicuque
    Hospital until 1969.

  • 1967-1970: Four wards and a surgery are constructed.
  • 1970-1975: Dr. Bruce and Mary Broughton arrive from the United States and join the medical team at
A little of Chicuque's History
Source: Rune Korswing (2009).The Swedish Connection. New World Outlook. January/February(Chicuque
Complets 95 years), p36-37.

  • 1986 - Joint management agreement is signed with the Government. The United
    missionaries and volunteers begins.
  • Carolyn Sue Belshe comes and serve as the Hospital's Administrator
  • Beth Ferrell comes and serves as the nursing director along with Enf. Manhique who
  • 1990 - President Joaquim Chissano (now retired) visited Chicuque R. Hospital on
    December 20, and left the following remarks "We congratulate the United Methodist
    Church for its preseverance in the work for the benefit of mozambicans and its correct
    colaboration with our State in defense of Independence, Development and Peace."
  • Jeremias Franca is recruited from "Ministerio de Administracao Estatal"
  • 1990 - Carolyn Belshe establishes the Teles Orphanage
  • 1991 - Jeremias Franca attends International Institute for English in Tennessee - USA
  • Carolyn Belshe returns to USA
  • Armando Chitata is appointed Nursing Director for Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • 1992 - Eugenio Numaio - Governor of Gaza Province  visit chicuque and praise the
  • 1993 - Mario Machungo - Prime Minister of Mozambique visit Chicuque and was
    pleased with the work. He sang a Gospel song to the staff.
  • 2002 -  Chicuque Rural Hospital and the Marta-Maria Hospital in Germany enter into
  • 2003 -  July 13, Chicuque Rural Hospital develops its first Non-Governmental agency
    (LIWONIGO) congragating people living wih AIDS
  • 2004 -2005  Construction of the building  hosting the Pharmacy, Laboratory and blood
  • 2004 - The first delegation of Marta Maria visit Chicuque
  • 2005 - The first delegation of Chicuque Rural Hospital visit Marta-Maria in Germany
  • 2006 - Dr Paulo Ivo Garrido - Minister of Health visit Chicuque and becomes very
    supportive of its initiatives.
  • 2007 - Dr Paulo Ivo Garrido - Minister of Health release especial funding for construction
    of security fence arround the hospital, renovations and painting of all hospital buildings
  • 2006 -2008  Construction of the Day Hospital, which has become outpatient consultation
  • 2008 - Aust 5th, Chicuque Rural Hospital celebrates 95 years. The Minister of Health, Dr
    Paulo Ivo Garrido, dedicates the outpatiente building
  • 1996-2000 -  Adreas Borose - Missionary from Germany is the Hospital Administrator
  • 2001 - Francisco Songane - Minister of Health visits Chicuque on August 1st and
    praises the hospital for its efforts.
  • 2000 - 2004 Jeremias Franca is the Administrator of Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • 1999-2002 - Dr Amir Modan appointed Director of Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • 2002-2004 - Dr Ladino Suade is the Director of Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • 2003 - The United Methodist Churh in Mozambique receives from the Government full
    responsibility for running Chicuque Rural Hospital
  • 2006 - The Annual Conference in Mozambique approves the proposal for edification of
    Mozambique Department of Health, much known as The Center of Hope
  • 2007-2012 - Jeremias Franca appointed Director of UMC Department of Health in
  • 2008 - The General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church- GBGM
    assigns a Mozambican as a standard support Missionary to Chicuque Rural Hospital to
    serve as Director of Health Services.
  • 2009 -  The Chicuque 1srt Health Symposium takes place
  • 2010 - Juvencio Manhique - Surgery Tech at Chicuque Rural Hospital successfully
    assists the delivery, through cesarean, of two siamese babies.
  • 2011- Current date - Dr David Abrao David - Surgeon, is the Clinical Director of Chicuque
    Rural Hospital
  • 2012 - Construction of the first two classrooms of Mozambique Institute for Health
    Sciences at Chicuque
  • 2012 -  Beginning of Construction of Model Maternity at Chicuque
  • 2012 - The II Chicuque Health Symposium takes place
  • 2012 - Chicuque Rural Hospital receives a national award for Humanization of Health
    Services and quality imporvement in Mozambique
  • 2013 - Chicuque Rural Hospital receives a Regional Award for humanization of health
    services and quality improvement im Mozambique
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Some of the landmark events within the Cooperation Agreements
between the Church and the Government 1986-2013
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