Chicuque Rural Hospital
Advancing Hope Through Promotion of Health in Mozambique
Missionary Support: 3019570
Chicuque Rural Hospital: 9734A
"If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. Blessed are thouse that give without remembering and those
that receive without forgetting
Regardless of the economic crisis,
the strike of medical doctors in the
country, the dramatic reduction of
church contracted staff, the core
staff members have remained
cohesive and very supportive to the
mission of the Hospital. The result is
the successive recognition of
chicuque's efforts in quality
improvements and humanization of
ealth services in the country. I  am
very thankful for their collaborative
approach, which enable us to tacle the
challenges before us. Your prayers
and support give us strength and hope
look ahead, of course with a smile.
This site is 100% sponsored by Lee and
Bonnie Adkins, two of the many giants that
have allowed me to stand on their shoulders.
Thank you!
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We give thanks to all those who support us. Without
your help we could never get anywhere. Thank you!