Chicuque Rural Hospital
Advancing Hope Through Promotion of Health in Mozambique

Well, it is cold up here with plenty of snow. I
have seen some snow in the USA before, but
not this much. It is really cold for someone
coming from high temperatures like ours in
When I got out of the plane in New York and
worked out for a Taxi to go down town in
Manhattan, a man approached me very
curiously and said "Are you ok? don't you
have a winter coat?" I said, well, I am ok, but
it is cold. I was wearing my summer shirt and
I was just fine all the way until then.  
Three ours later I was supposed to report to
the General Board of Global Ministries. I
found my way there and people kept looking
at me with so much admiration. Some of
them even thought that I was very brave, but I
really wasn't brave at all.
Rev. Richard Pursateri, the coordinator of
Itinerations jumped right away to say" gotta
get him winter coats. Ohh, it was so nice of
him to do that. I was really freezing. The next
day Rev. Ron Whitlatch rushed me to a store
where he got me a winter coat. Boy, was I not
happy?! Thank you. My itineration has begun
and I have been receiving very warm
welcomes, despite of snow and the cold
wheather outside.  It has been a joyful
moment to meet again with dear friends and
to make many new more friends. We all
rejoice on the progresses made in our
mission together at Chicuque.
For the places I am yet to visit, I look forward
to that. See you soon!
And now hear the Good News!
There is a Medical School at Chicuque Rural Hospitalin our premises
since March 2nd, 2015
Noticias de Chicuque
"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him" Colossians 3:17 ES
Advance special for Chicuque Rural Hospital: #9734A
Advance special for Missionary Support: #3019570
In 2011, we begun a conversation with the Pedagogical University in Maputo, as they pursued the development of a Medical school in the Inhambane Province. Chicuque
Rural Hospital was found to be  very suitable for teaching Hospital. From the conversations it was agreed that the University would build at Chicuque a facility for Human
Anatomy Lab and one Class Room. The project has progressed very well. However the construction of the entire campus for Medical School is still in progress. While the
edification of the school is underway, the Medical school is functioning in the Human Anatomy Lab at Chicuque Rural Hospital since March 2, 2015.
Meet Enfermeiro Marcelo, one of the two nurses
who takes part in the 45 students of the very first
medical school in Maxixe.
Meet Enfermeira Felicidade, the other of the two nursos who
attends the medical School.
Hospital Nurses attend the Medical school and they feel so blessed!
A word from the first students
We feel very blessed to be the
first two hospital nurses to attend
this medical school. We are
committed to doing the best we
can in order to best represent
our hospital